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Roof Surveys

Cost Effective Roof Surveys

“CSL are able to offer detailed roof reports identifying current and potential future problems for your building. Unlike other survey companies, CSL has over 60 years of experience within the industry and can provide quotes for any necessary remedial works.

In addition, CSL now offers drone surveys to avoid expensive safety equipment during the surveys, keeping survey costs low.”

Time for a Change

Strip And Re-Sheet

A strip & re-sheet involves removing the existing roof system and replacing with either a built up ‘twin skin system’ or a composite roof system to a achieve a 25 year guarantee.

Benefits Include

  • Removal of the existing roof system.
  • Can continue working throughout the duration of the works.
  • Increase in natural light, reducing energy costs.
  • Increase in U-value, reducing heating bills.
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Strip And Re-Sheet

Overclading of Existing Roof

A roof overclad involves installing a new roof system over the existing roof. Overcladding involves minimal disruption internally, allowing you to continue your business as normal.

Benefits Include

  • 25 year guarantee on the new roof system.
  • Increase in natural light from replacing of the existing rooflights, reducing energy costs.
  • Increase in U-Value, reducing heating bills.
  • Keeping an asbestos roof in situ, saving on expensive removal costs.
off the ground

new build

CSL are able to offer complete envelope packages to meet your needs when building a new unit.

Benefits Include

  • All works under a package so you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors.
  • High quality finish complete to your needs, within budget.


CSL take huge pride in being eco-conscious when we take on any project. CSL proudly use a select number of recycling firms to ensure as much materials are recycled / reused rather than sent to landfill.